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[#Elizaverse] Celeste Tyn - Character Bio

This is the character bio for @CelesteTyn for #Elizaverse. It is subject to minor updates depending on what is happening in the Twitterverse.

If there are any questions about the character, leave a comment or direct them to @Sirramar.

Name: Celeste Lana Tyn (usually referred to as Tess)
Rank: Lieutenant, former
D.O.B: November 13, 2155 Council Era

Age: 28
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 125 lbs
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Skin Complexion/Colour: Pale/Fair
Build: Athletic

Identifying Marks



Preferred Weapons

M-77 Paladin
M-300 Claymore / M-22 Eviscerator
M-8 Avenger

Power Set Using Human Vanguard from Mass Effect multiplayer.

Biotic Charge -- Smash into a target while encased in this biotic barrier, leveling your opponents. Invulnerable while this power is in effect.

Shockwave -- Topple a row of enemies with this cascading shockwave.

Nova -- Transfer the energy of your biotic barrier to charge and spark this deadly blast. Barrier strength determines intensity.

Family: No known living family.

Personality: As a child, Celeste was usually non-violent. Her training as a vanguard, however, did not allow for such non-violence. As a result, she can be rather more aggressive in every day situations, charging in when a calmer approach is needed.

Background:  Prides herself on being a Spacer; born and raised on military vessels. At a young age, she was enrolled in a special school for biotic children. It wasn't realized until later that this was a military academy designed to hone their biotics for combat purposes. Her training being focused on more close quarters biotic training, she was shaped into a rather skilled vanguard. Top of her class.

Barely 18 and fresh from her studies, she enlisted in the Alliance Navy. Only 2 years later, Celeste Tyn was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to the SSV Normandy. Her career was short lived after her relationship with a mercenary from Omega was discovered.

Now she is a mercenary herself, serving on the Liberty under Elizabeth Harper as one of her Angels of Oblivion.

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