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[#Graceverse] Livarius Krellik - Character Bio

This is a character bio for Livarius Krellik in #Graceverse. She is a turian female original character. I wanted to make another one to experiment with them and test my hand at them a bit more.

It is a +21 character with mature tweets in the RP. If there are any questions, leave a comment or mention me @Sirramar.

UPDATE 24/09/2013: Additions made to background to accommodate the new verse.

Name: Livarius Krellik
Rank: Sergeant
D.O.B: xx,xx 2156 CE (other information lost, year approx.)

Age: 27
Sex: Female
Race: Turian
Height: 6'1"
Eye Colour: Ice Blue (pale, almost silvery white)
Skin Colour: Pale Gray-Brown

Identifying Marks

Short crest not extending back, tight to the head and following the contours of it.

Long scars down her back and chest resembling claw marks.

Face Paint
Dark red tribal paint covers her face, fringe, and the short crest.

Preferred Weapons

M-7 Lancer / M-8 Avenger
M-300 Claymore / M-22 Eviscerater
M-77 Paladin

Power Set Using Turian Cabal from Mass Effect multiplayer.

Poison Strike -- Slash through an enemy line while encased in this biotic barrier causing instant biotic damage and applying a poison effect that does damage over time to every hit enemy.

Nightshade Blades -- Launch a short-range volley of venom tipped blades to paralyze non-shielded targets. These blades cause instant damage and poison the target, causing damage over time.

Biotic Focus -- Focus your biotic energy and atavistic muscle structure to decrease damage taken and to increase melee damage and movement speed for a short time.

Family: Mother and Father living, location unknown. Older brother deceased, died in battle. Younger brother living, location unknown.

Personality: Being a biotic turian, she encounter a lot of anger and distrust from her youth on up into her military career. This shaped her to be violent towards those not in her close knit 'family' of other biotics. To them, she is caring and protective.

Background: The youngest of four and the only female, Livarius was always being compared to her older brothers. It didn't help that at a young age, it was discovered she had biotic capabilities. At 14-years-old, she was sent away to be trained as a Cabal, as much to keep her away from her family and others in her colony.

For years, her commanding officer had tried to calm the angry nature of the younger Cabals before she was killed in battle. She was replaced by a turian male she hardly knew, introduced as Rotniuss Serfar. The promises he made over time brought her into his fold. The others followed in time, taking up lesser roles while she became his right hand, serving him faithfully and without question.

Update: At the time of the death of her mentor, she was already damaged. Her indoctrination was deep and she became reckless. During a raid on an abandoned turian planet, she was captured and imprisoned.

This is where her story begins. 

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