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[Project Sin] Character Bio - Alison Cardell

This is a character bio for @AlisonCardell in a new RP verse called Project Sin. All information regarding this role play verse can be found on @ProjectSinInfo which gives updates on what is going on in the verse as well.

Questions about the verse should be directed there. Questions about the character herself should be directed towards me @Sirramar.

Name: Alison "Alice" Cardell
Age: 22
Sex: Female
D.O.B.: Unknown

Race: Caucasian - Mutated
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 115 lbs
Eye Colour: Silver
Hair Colour: Black with black and white corded dreds (done up like pigtails)
Skin Complexion/Colour: Fair-Rough/Pale-Light Tan
Build: Slim-Athletic

Identifying Marks

Three inches below the wrist on her right hand going around the circumference of her arm. Very jagged and rough as though hacked off or marred by infection.
Slight scaring around her face from continued wear of a gas mask.

Three small star shaped tattoos below her left eye.

Usual Attire
Heavily tinted goggles.
Dual-filtered gas mask covering the mouth and nose and coming below the chin and partially across the cheeks; Has a leaf pattern above the right filter over the cheek.
White cowl that can partially cover her head, usually only covering her neck and shoulders.
Black jacket with some light, white armour plating on the arms, chest, and back.
Long black pants with a cracked white belt.
Mid-calf light-weight black boots with a deep tread and thick rubber soles.

Personality: Alison has always been a very caring person. From a young age, she always took on a motherly role for her siblings and other young children. When the ones she is caring for are being harmed, she is not afraid to tear down the heavens to make things right again. Most of the time she is loving and caring. Often she will put the needs of her charges ahead of her own.

Mutation: Alison's mutation allows her to calm most people with touch. However, it is not an instantaneous thing. The first touch will have an initial calming effect. After a few more minutes, the person will become slowly more relaxed. After approximately an hour and a half, the person will be calmed to the point of being able to sleep. If the touch continues, there is no other effect. She cannot cause harm with her mutation.


Alison was brought up in a loving family. With her mother, father, and fraternal twin brother and sister (Jason and Danielle). Being the oldest of the children by almost five years, she often looked after her younger siblings when their parents were out. Sadly, that wasn't to last long.

When she was 7-years-old and the twins both 5-years-old, their parents were driving back from the store when they were killed by a drunk driver. As a result, they were sent to live with their grandparents who were far too old to be raising young children. While the grandparents provided for them, Alison played the roll of mother to Jason and Jessica.

The day she turned 16, she found her grandmother unconscious in the living room. The twins were playing at a friend's house that day, so they wouldn't be home for a while. Calling 911, she wept openly. Paramedics called it on scene. Her grandmother was dead and her grandfather was still out at the store. Police waited at the house for him with her. As she was 16, she decided maybe her grandfather should be in a home where he wouldn't have to worry about the children.

An arraignment was made and the children were all allowed to stay in the house. Even though they were well off, all of them felt lonely when they were apart. They lived like this even years after their grandfather finally passed quietly in his sleep. While each had their friends, they were always closest with each other.

Then it happened.

The war had been at a sort of standstill for a while now. Two weeks after Alison's 22nd birthday, she was out for a walk with Jason and Danielle. The twins both fell to the ground and started vomiting moments before it hit Alison. All she could see were these black, shadowy figures tearing apart her younger siblings. She screamed and grabbed a hold of them both, almost dragging them back to the house.

Almost as soon as they were in the door, Jason crawled off to a corner, hugging his knees to his chest and began rocking. His eyes were screwed shut and he began muttering to himself. Danielle felt feverish and was sweating profusely. She tore her clothes off and ran to the kitchen, curling up on the tiles. Alison still saw those figures clawing and biting at her brother and sister. She ran over to Jason, trying to shoo them away.

The figures seemed to laugh at her as she watched her siblings deteriorate. Eventually, Danielle crawled over to her big sister, whimpering. Her fever was dangerously high. Screams and gunshots could be heard from outside. Tears ran down Alison's face as she held her dying sister in her arms. Jason still had is eyes closed and had begun humming loudly.

Danielle looked up at her sister one last time before her eyes glassed over. The fast moving fever had killed her and she had no idea why. Tears ran down her face as she held the body of her now deceased teen sister. Her brother opened his eyes just long enough to see the loving embrace. He screamed once before he started to bang his head hard against the wall. Alison dropped her sister, trying to hold Jason and keep him from hurting himself.

He bit her, drawing blood. She screamed and backed away, watching her brother beat himself into unconsciousness. Before going to back, she made sure all the windows and doors were secured. Her only living sibling was still curled up in the corner hours later. She slowly went over to him, seeing a bit of dried blood around his mouth.

Alison opened his mouth carefully. It was full of blood. And the realization hit her. Jason had bitten off his own tongue and choked to death on his own blood. She screamed and cried, pulling her twin siblings close to her. For hours, she rocked and cried and held their still warm bodies. Even inside, the California heat made the bodies smell from decomposition.

After several hours, she decided to try and clean up. Her grandfather had enjoyed tinkering with his car, so she went into the garage and dug up an old mask he had used when painting. Putting it on, she started to feel a lot better. She went back into the living room and wrapped her siblings in black garbage bags and duct tape. It would be a while before she could bury them properly. She dragged them outside and left the bodies beneath the tree in the back yard.

In the garden shed was an old axe. Remembering the gunshots from before, she grabbed it and quickly ran back inside.

Now her life is changing in ways she never thought possible.

Now... her life is unsure.

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