Monday, June 10, 2013

[#Graceverse] Alison Cardell - Character Bio

This is a character bio for @AlisonCardell in #Elizaverse. She is a Prothean expert and fair with biotics. She is far from skilled, however.

Questions about the character can be left as a comment or directed to @Sirramar.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

[#Graceverse] Livarius Krellik - Character Bio

This is a character bio for Livarius Krellik in #Graceverse. She is a turian female original character. I wanted to make another one to experiment with them and test my hand at them a bit more.

It is a +21 character with mature tweets in the RP. If there are any questions, leave a comment or mention me @Sirramar.

[#Elizaverse] Celeste Tyn - Character Bio

This is the character bio for @CelesteTyn for #Elizaverse. It is subject to minor updates depending on what is happening in the Twitterverse.

If there are any questions about the character, leave a comment or direct them to @Sirramar.