Friday, March 22, 2013

[#Graceverse] Character Bio - Livarius Krellik

This is a character bio for Livarius Krellik in #Graceverse. She is a turian female original character. I wanted to make another one to experiment with them and test my hand at them a bit more.

It is a +21 character with mature tweets in the RP. If there are any questions, leave a comment or mention me @Sirramar.

Name: Livarius Krellik
Rank: Sergeant (C-Sec officer)
D.O.B: Unknown

Age: 27
Sex: Female
Race: Turian
Height: 6'1"
Eye Colour: Ice Blue (pale, almost silvery white)
Skin Colour: Pale Gray-Brown

Identifying Marks

Short crest not extending back, tight to the head and following the contours of it.

Long scars down her back and chest resembling claw marks.


Preferred Weapons

M-7 Lancer / M-8 Avenger
M-300 Claymore / M-22 Eviscerater
M-77 Paladin

Power Set Using Turian Soldier from Mass Effect Multiplayer

Concussive Shot
Proximity Mine

Family: Mother and Father stationed on a ship patrolling volus space. Four siblings, all male, stationed on Palaven and Manae; presumed dead.

Personality: Always outspoken, Livarius never made any friends in the Turian Military. The transfer to C-Sec not being her choice, she rebelled silently. She is known for pushing the rules to the breaking point to get results. With her superiors, she has been known to talk back and bluntly question orders.

Background: The youngest of four and the only female, Livarius was always being compared to her older brothers. As a result, she rebelled hard. Non-turian friends and coworkers often commented how little like a turian she was. Taking it as a compliment, she reveled at the thought of fitting into a different culture.

However, she still clung to her turian duties stubbornly, wanting to work through her service with excitement. While still pushing boundaries and rules, arguing with her superiors, and causing minor conflicts with coworkers, she threw herself into her work.

Her work ethic eventually got noticed and, at 21, she was paired to work under Septimus Oraka. The honour of working under the General was enough to straighten her out a bit. Though Livarius was now causing less problems, she was often compared to a former officer that she had heard a lot about prior to joining.

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