Friday, January 11, 2013

[INACTIVE] Character Bio - Alice Cardell

This bio is for an RP called Era Of Redemption. It is a post-apocalyptic RP done in the style of the Fallout games with an Anime twist. The character this is for is @AlisonCardell. She is an Elite Infected, one of the chosen four. There is much editing to be done and, in my usual style, updates will be labelled and dated so no one misses anything!

Any questions about the character should be directed at me @Sirramar and questions about the RP verse should be directed at @GingerLoverYes.

Name: Alison "Alice" Cardell
Age: 22
Sex: Female
D.O.B.: Unknown

Race: Infected
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 115 lbs
Eye Colour: Silver
Hair Colour: Black with black and white corded dreds (done up like pigtails)
Skin Complexion/Colour: Fair-Rough/Pale-Light Tan
Build: Slim-Athletic

Identifying Marks

Three inches below the wrist on her right hand going around the circumference of her arm. Very jagged and rough as though hacked off or marred by infection.
Slight scaring around her face from continued wear of a gas mask.
Cuts and burns over her arms, legs, and torso from hard labour and various fights.

Three small star shaped tattoos below her left eye.

Usual Attire
Heavily tinted goggles.
Dual-filtered gas mask covering the mouth and nose and coming below the chin and partially across the cheeks; Has a leaf pattern above the right filter over the cheek.
White cowl that can partially cover her head, usually only covering her neck and shoulders.
Black jacket with some light, white armour plating on the arms, chest, and back.
Long black pants with a cracked white belt.
Mid-calf light-weight black boots with a deep tread and thick rubber soles.

Can emit an EMP-like field that brings all robots within a 100 ft radius. The field acts like a mass AI hacking ability, allowing her limited control within this radius. Control is a lot strong the closer she is to the hacked machine and almost completely lost near the 100 ft mark. Can also disrupt small electronic devices for a short period of time (no more than a few seconds). The power can only be used in bursts with the hacking lasting for several hours, until the robot is destroyed, or until control is relinquished.

Personality: Alice is a little off her rocker. Due to a few key moments in her childhood, she views many people with the same disgust and indifference. Her past as an infected slave has also coloured her outlook on humans. Once regarded with general disgust and loathing, it grew to a burning hatred which pushed her to where is is today.

Alison Cardell doesn't remember much from her past. What she does know is she used to be a happy child with living, healthy parents. That was before the war started. Every day she would walk around the city wearing the gas mask her parents had bought her. Nothing had happened, but she didn't care. At the time, she just wanted to look cool.

Until the first bombs dropped. She was one of the lucky ones. There were only a handful of survivors in her town. And she was one of the few that had a gas mask nearby. Those that didn't either died from exposure or...

She could barely remember that part. All Alison could remember clearly was that a few days after, things got weird for her. Without thinking, sometimes she found herself setting off the alarms on cars that were still mostly intact. It terrified her until one day when she knew real terror.

A couple who had been caring for her left her by the side of the road. She had no idea where they had gone. Just that she was alone. It wasn't long before she was taken into slavery. Alison worked hard for year, fighting with her blood and sweat to stay alive. There were no tears. She had none left to cry for herself or the beings around her.

It was a while before she was recognized and forced to fight in several death matches with other infected slaves. Through luck or miracle she made it to the top, eventually being chosen to be part of something called "The Elite". Until that moment, she knew nothing of it.

That is where she sits now, stationed wherever The Leader tells her to go.

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