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[#Garretverse] Character Bio - Tyla Kikosika

This is the new Active character bio for the character @TylaKikosika. As there have been some fairly big changes to her story, I have decided to make this new bio for her.

Her tweets will be fairly mature and graphic so be warned. If there are any questions, I ask that a comment be left here or send me a mention on @Sirramar. Enjoy this new bio!

UPDATE (20/03/13): Added suspected age, major modifications to appearance to accommodate the addition of a face model for her. Explainations will be added into background for the drastic change of appearance.

Name: Tyla Allison Kikosika
Age: Suspected to be mid- to late-thirties. Appears younger.
Sex: Female
D.O.B: Unknown

Race: Human
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 111 lbs
Eye Colour: Grey Blue-green
Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde
Skin Complexion/Colour: Rough Fair/Pale
Build: Average to Slender, but Athletic

Identifying Marks


Scar tissue covers most of the right side of her body.
Right arm has a metaphorical spiderweb of scars covering from just below the shoulder to finger tips.
Right side of her face and neck has scar tissue from burns and multiple cuts/punctures.
Part of the right abdomen is also scarred from wounds associated with shrapnel.
Upper torso/chest area has several dozen scars from bullet wounds.
Stomach and right calf heavily scarred from stab wounds.
Large scar on the right side of her neck.


Left arm is covered with a dark green/black tattoo resembling the pattern seen on a circuit board. It covers the hand (including palm) and reaches the shoulder blade and left side of the torso. The torso portion of the tattoo gives the illusion of the circuitry attaching the arm to the rest of the body.
Upper left thigh has a tattoo resembling writing. A translation has not yet been provided. Often covered by clothing or body make-up.

Family: No living biological family. Adopted brother and sisters still living. Location unknown.

Personality: Those who knew her in childhood would have described her as a pleasant young girl, if a little odd. After an incident on her 17th birthday, Miss Tyla Kikosika had been described as a disturbed individual. Not much more on that matter has ever been said. The most recent psychiatric evaluation described her as slightly paranoid, possible auditory and/or visual hallucinations, violent tendencies, possible danger to herself, a danger to others, and in need to treatment. No official diagnosis has been made as of this time. No follow-up to this report has been made.
[Active] Psychological Profile

Background: Before Incident  After Incident
After a while, Tyla found herself travelling with someone who she had found herself able to love wholeheartedly. After his death, however, she was devastated  She returned to Omega and ended up in a clinic for malnutrition. It was months before she was able to recover so all her time was spent in the clinic. Feeling like a waste of space, she worked with the doctor in charge and began to learn the basics. While there was no way she could be considered a doctor, Tyla was often just referred to as a medic.

Once she had finished her time there, a flight was booked and she made her way into Citadel space. She soon found herself wandering the Citadel which lead to her finding her first and only victim there (see: Garretverse Intro).

Background Addition

Years of painful skin-grafts in an Omega clinic were able to repair her damaged skin. Though it was not an issue for her, it was necessary to allow her more freedom of movement as her previously scarred appearance would draw unwanted attention from the authorities in Council Space.

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