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[#Gracevese] Character Bio - Ashley Kikosika

This is the bio for @AshKikosika as he will be seen in #Graceverse. His background will be modified only to add things in as this Ash is a little older than the one in #Insaneverse. His personality will also be drastically different to allow for his growth as a character and allow him to function in normal situations.

If there are any questions about this bio or the other one for this character, feel free to leave a comment or send me a mention @Sirramar =D

UPDATE (17/05/2013): Updated the names of his sisters. In the way that I've actually given them names! Hurray!

Name: Ashley "Ash" Kikosika
Age: 24
Sex: Male
D.O.B.: Unknown

Rank: N/A (Recon Scout)
Serial Number: N/A

Race: Human
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 156 lbs
Eye Colour: White Grey-green**
Hair Colour: Blonde, though known to colour it
Skin Complexion/Colour: Fair/Pale
Build: Athletic

**His eyes now being more cybernetic in nature, the colour is fluid. While his previous ones were blue, these are now usually a grey-green. He has more control over the colour and general function as the burned eyes and dead optic nerves were replaced. The scars around his eyes were dissolved and the implants were removed.
The implanted eyes only allow for limited thermal imagining in the left eye and partial dark vision in both.

Identifying Marks

Cuts around hands that appear to be from handling broken glass or loose razor blades.
Cuts around feet from walking around for long periods of time with no protection on feet.
Burns on the tips of fingers. Cause unknown.
Scar tissue around the eyes from a goggle-like device that is in almost constant use.
Scar tissue around implants made in the head that appear to connect to the aforementioned goggles.
Scar tissue on his hips, legs, and buttocks made by the claws of a canine and various knives.
Deep internal scarring from forced, violent penetration.
While some scarring healed over time or through medical means, other scars remain although they are much less defined.

He has acquired several tattoos over his body, though he prefers to keep them covered with make-up or clothing. The exact number or style of all of them are unknown.

Usual Attire
Long-sleeved black shirt with no logos or print.
Semi-snug boot-cut black pants.
Well polished combat boots or flat "skate shoes"
A large device in the form of goggles that appears fused to his face with connections directly into his head.
Dark zippered hoodies, jeans, and dark shirts for more casual attire.

Preferred Weapons

A selection of 3 different sizes of throwing knife, 6 of each size.
Black Widow sniper rifle when it is available, the M-98 Widow when it is not.

Family: Parents, deceased; Two full sisters (Nicole and Crystal), alive and well.

Personality: Ashley Kikosika is, to put it simply, a strange boy. While his general personality has evolved to allow him to be a more productive member of society, there are bits and pieces left over from a more traumatic time for him.
The first major piece has to do with his sexuality. While growing up, he was a sexual opportunist  taking affection wherever he could get it from whomever. As a result, Ash developed to be an extremely flirty pansexual individual. It has caused problems in the past as he also does not believe in monogamy.
The second issue works in tandem with the first. Ash is a masochist, a desire which has caused problems in the past. After "enlisting" he found a way to curb the desire, but it is still prominent in his mind and deeply entrenched in his personality.

After the events of Mass Effect 2, Ashley became a bit more reserved in his sexuality, opting to put his work for the Alliance ahead of any relationships. He did, however, get back in touch with his sister and it working on reforming a relationship with her. While he still identifies with the person he was, he also acknowledges that there have been some major psychological changes since then.
He is no longer masochistic in nature nor sexually promiscuous.

Background: Ashley Kikosika appeared to be a fairly happy child. He excelled at music and dance at an early age, seen as a child prodigy by parents and teachers. Coming from a very wealthy family, he was the youngest of three children. At around 9-years-old, Ash was introduced to a girl who was being adopted. She was a friend of one of his sisters, though he knew not which one. He was fond of her despite having little contact. An incident that occurred on her birthday left him emotionally and mentally scarred.

An experimental form of therapy using simulated images in a goggle device was tested on him. The addictive properties were not known at the time. As time went on, the boy had the device and himself modified, causing his eyes to turn a milky white commonly associated with blindness.

On his 17th birthday, after years of addiction, he decided to find out what really happened to his adopted sister. The obsession was fuelled by his need for almost constant stimulation from the goggles he almost never takes off.

At the age of 19, a drastic event on Omega caused him to snap. He stowed away on a ship and left for Citadel Space. Being able to adjust his vision with the goggles, Ash "enlisted" in the Alliance Military as a recon scout. As he couldn't officially enlist due to his mental health history, he was never given a rank or had a serial number generated. This suited him as it allowed him to work under the radar and do things that couldn't be officially sanctioned.

Now 23 years old, he still works for the Alliance as a recon scout. He has become more mentally stable, but he and his superiors agree that talks to officially enlist him will not happen as their arraignment works out well. However, they are prepared to negotiate should the funds being sent to him are questioned.

After the events of Mass Effect 2, Ashley became disenfranchised with the way his life had been. He sought out someone to help him fix his vision, even partially. While on leave, he came across Foster Genetics run by Nathan Foster. Details on what happened are sketchy, but he came out relatively unharmed. Every now and then the area around his eyes will ache with the memory of the procedure.

Only a few days later, he was back working as an Alliance scout on covert missions. It took a few to adjust to his new eyes so there were more close calls than he would have liked. However, even with the limited functions, he was still able to function in the field. With the threat of Reapers on the horizon, he has been given more liberties with his missions.

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