Sunday, November 18, 2012

[Active] Psychological Profile - Tyla Kikosika

This is the new Psychological Profile for Tyla Kikosika. Any updates will be labelled and added at the bottom of the page. This one will be done in the style of a dictation from an observers point of view.

The profile is 21+ RP with dark, mature tweets.

[Begin Recording]

This is the Psychological Profile for Tyla Kikosika.

Overseeing Doctor: Klara Banks

Miss Kikosika is a white female of fair complexion with dirty blonde hair and grey eyes. Initial observation of her was unremarkable. She was evasive when questioned about herself or people currently in her life. When asked about her parents or past friends, her intonation changed. Her voice was soft and a little angry when speaking about her parents and the events surrounding their disappearance. Questions about siblings were answered in a light, almost flippant, tone. She often referred to a boy by the name of Ashley. While there is no record of any biological siblings, I believe this person to be from her adoptive family.

On the second day of observation, she was given a book of blank paper and a box of crayons. While older, the crayons were viewed as safer in her hands during observation. The drawings started off as colourful shapes of no discernible type. As the day progressed, however, they became more cohesive. The drawings first formed into geometric shapes and then into drawings of full human beings. The drawings of people began their lives as stick figures. They soon evolved into more detail sketches. A new book and crayons were provided around noon. From there, these human figures were drawn in various positions in various stages of undress. It wasn't long before she was observed drawing these human figured being tortured and or eaten. It was decided she would be kept overnight for further observation.

Third day Miss Kikosika was allowed to interact with others at the facility. She was able to work through several hours in the main population before she attacked another patient, citing hunger. She was placed in solitary confinement in a straight jacket for the rest of the day. During meals, she was spoon fed without incident.

Day four was less eventful. She was kept in solitary again, although she was removed from the straight jacket. She was allowed to feed herself. There were no incidents.

The fifth day, she was allowed limited access to the other patients. A staff member stayed with her at all times. Again, she was allowed to feed herself. After lunch, she curled up in a corner of the room and began vomiting. She didn't eat again for the rest of the day. However, she was observed eyeing the other patients.

Day six of observation, she was placed immediately back into solitary after attacking several patients and staff members, sending at least two to intensive care. When placed in the padded cell, she sat rocking and giggling like a child. As she had not been placed in a straight jacket, no other staff members were allowed to enter her cell.

On day seven, the last day of observation, Miss Kikosika was not found in her cell. The cameras recorded her luring a staff member into her cell. The camera in her cell malfunctioned shortly after and the one of the cameras in the hall recorded her leaving, covered in blood. Two more staff members were attacked and killed before she was observed and recorded leaving the building.

[End Recording]

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