Wednesday, September 19, 2012

[Turian] Bio - Silvsit Serket

This is the character bio for my first ever OC turian RP character. I am going to try and have it be more detailed that previous bios due to the nature of the way turians have been designed in the Mass Effect universe. This is also shaped by my personal opinion on the way I view the design on female turians.

The RP account for her is @SilvsitSerket for those interested in following her. There is a 21+ Mature warning as I am unsure of the limits of those I RP with.

Name: Silvsit Serket
Rank: Spectre
D.O.B: Unknown

Age: 36
Sex: Female
Race: Turian
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 130lbs
Eye Colour: Amber
Skin Colour: Dark grey with highlights of brown in certain lit conditions

Identifying Marks

Short crest of horns curving slightly around the back of her head.

Slashes across her face resembling scars from the talons of another turian

Pale blue marking coming down along her nose, across the cheek bones, curving up along and terminating near the corners of her eyes, continuing down along her mandibles.

Preferred Weapons

  • M-77 Paladin
  • M-98 Widow/Black Widow
  • M-15 Vindicator

Family: Parents: Deceased. Siblings: Two brothers, both serving in the turian military.

Personality: Prides herself on being respectful towards her superiors, often finding casual situations awkward or uncomfortable. She is always one for being formal in her interactions with others, family included. While always polite in formal situations, Silv has always spoken her mind. If a bad order is given, she will question it, but follow all the same. She has been known to bend rules and orders to achieve a more desirable outcome. Superiors have made complaints to her, but keep it out of her record stating only that she was able to adapt to the situation.

Background: Youngest of three children, Silvsit was born in a strictly military family. She joined the turian military at 15, serving until 18 when she transferred to Citadel Security Services. Feeling she could make more of a difference there, she threw herself into her work.

[DEFUNCT] RP Background for @WinterShep RP verse: After several years of service and hard work, Silvsit was brought before the Council. Unbeknownst to her, she had been under review for possible admittance into the Spectres. While it was no great surprise to her family, friends, and coworkers, they still felt it was a great honour that she was even considered. When brought before the Council, it was revealed that Spectre Saren Arterius was the one who had put her name forward.

Growing up, Silv had always looked up to Spectre Arterius as a role model and someone to model herself after. Knowing he had noticed her out of a crowd of hundreds of possibles was a dream come true. She accepted and for two of the longest years of her career sought to prove that Saren and the Council had not made the wrong decision.

After those two years she found herself on an assignment with Saren. Usually a private person, she did not discuss the details of her time with him to anyone. Events not pertaining to the mission were left out, though for years after they continued the relationship. While work got in the way, they always found time between assignments to see each other.

Their time together faded until they could hardly find the time. But they kept in touch and talked for as long as they could. Until one day, contact stopped.

Unsure of what to make of it, Silvsit continued to work and hope that her messages would be returned.

As of now, she is currently working on an assignment with Captain David Anderson of the Allilance Navy.

[DEFUNCT] RP Background for @N7DaveShepard RP verse: Feeling the handling of the cases regarding Spectre Saren Arterius was insufficient, she took it upon herself to field any questions, reports, or files that came through C-Sec offices. Her concerns not being taken seriously, she joined up with the crew of Commander Dave Shepard to hunt down the rogue Spectre.

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