Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tyla Kikosika

Name: Tyla Evelyn Kikosika
Age: 24
Sex: Female
D.O.B: April 27, 2159

Race: Human
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 111 lbs
Eye Colour: Blue-green
Hair Colour: Blonde
Skin Complexion/Colour: Fair/Pale
Build: Average to Slender, but Athletic

Identifying Marks




Upper left thigh has a tattoo resembling writing. A translation has not yet been provided. Often covered by clothing or body make-up.

Family: No living biological family. Adopted brother and sisters still living; adopted parents deceased. Location unknown.

Personality: Those who knew her in childhood would have described her as a pleasant young girl, if a little odd. After an incident on her 17th birthday, Miss Tyla Kikosika had been described as a disturbed individual. She often reported visual and auditory hallucinations. Nothing was ever definitively proven, so she was discharged from the hospital after undergoing several long and painful surgeries. Those were thought to have damaged her more.

She is known to have a violent temper. Whether provoked or not, she has been known to violently attack those around her.


At a young age, Tyla was taken for her family for reasons that were unknown. She was placed with another family who officially adopted her and changed her name. Her adoption was kept secret from her until she turned 17 when her adoptive parents thought she was finally ready to know her true parentage. That is when she snapped. Her siblings were out with friends when she was told, which they were told was the reason they were still alive. The bodies of her adoptive parents were never found in what remained of the house and Tyla sustained burned over 43% of her body.

Psychologically scarred yet physically fine, she decided to make up for past mistake and go through medical school. She was not, however, allowed to continue her studies. Her psychological evaluation and tendency for violence were the defining factors. To prevent one of her infamous outbursts, they had her sedated.

She later found herself on the Citadel, her meager possessions in a duffle bag on her back, wondering around the Wards.

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