Monday, August 12, 2013

[Human] Bio - Silvsit Serket

This is a new character bio for @SilvsitSerket. This one is very different from the other in that she is no longer turian. That is the biggest change made to her. Other changes will be made apparent as more role play with her occurs.

As usual, I will highlight any updates to the bio. If you have any questions about the character, mentions me on twitter @Sirramar, leave a comment, or send a email (provided in the About This Blog page).


Name: Silvsit Serket

D.O.B: Unknown

Age: Uknown, suspected to be in 30s
Sex: Female
Race: Black/Latina
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120-130 lbs
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown/Brunette
Skin Complexion/Colour: Fair/Light brown in tone and colour
Build: Slight/Athletic

Identifying Marks

Faded scars around her wrists, neck, and ankles consistent with long-term restraint.


Preferred Weapons

Unknown/Has yet to be discovered

Skill Set

Unknown/Has yet to be discovered

Family: Parents: Deceased; Siblings: Missing, presumed dead.

Personality: After the trauma of waking up in a strange world with a strange body, her mind shattered. While the therapy she received helped, there are still parts of her personality that are broken or fluid. No one is quite sure what will come of her mind once she fully recovers.


Original Copy

Away From Home

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