Thursday, July 12, 2012

[Inactive] Psychological Profile - Tyla Kikosika

This will also be linked to the main character bio for Tyla as this would be her psych profile for various personalities that have arisen. None of them have been named yet as the character hasn't had a need for any name other than hers. There will be more frequent updates made as more personalities come to light and evolve. All changes will be dated for easy reference.

The RP twitter account is @TylaKikosika for those that wish to follow. It is a violent/gory RP account.

General Personality Information: All personalities appear to be learning to work in tandem with each other allowing for more coherent thought and conversation on the part of the patient. Personalities are listed, after Tyla, in alphabetical order as we cannot be sure when they manifested within the patient.

Tyla Kikosika: This is what she considers her dominant personality. It is the one she uses most often to interact with others. It has an almost childish way of acting while being very serious when discussing certain subjects. This personality often uses 'I' to refer to itself and using 'They' to describe the other personalities. It will sometimes speak in a 'sing-song' way when teasing people she happens to be around.

Roar: This is the most violent of the personalities to date. While it holds great anger towards those that would harm it, it also holds a great hatred for the Tyla personality and body it resides in. When given the opportunity, it will harm the body with whatever object it can get a hold of. It has also shown the ability to be compassionate towards some. Usually it requires a special set of circumstances before it will behave in this manner.

Seductive/Sexual: This personality is still in its infantile stages. So far it appears to learn quickly, picking up on cues of potential sexual partners. It seems to have more experience than previously thought despite Tyla having no sexual partners before her incident. This personality also appears to work alongside the main Tyla personality.

Silver: This personality usually works more with the main Tyla personality, though it has been known to function with the Wolf personality. This is the one used when killing her victims. It is very interested with keeping victims alive for great lengths of time. It shows skill with various knives and surgical implements. While tending to favour a silver skinning knife, this personality has shown great adaptive potential with various objects.

 This personality works almost in tandem with Tyla's main personality. It takes on a more sing-song tone when speaking and can be very childish when speaking. It is not a separate personality, but should be noted as speaking with it can prove problematic. The personality also is fond of speaking in the third person.

Wolf/Predatory: This is one of the angrier personalities. It is impatient when it comes to getting results, but can also be protective. When being confronted by something Tyla sees as a minor to intermediate threat, this personality is sometimes called upon to take over the situation. While more aggressive, it will often try and be reasonable before acting out at the thing it views as a threat. It is often used while 'hunting' before another personality 'enjoys' the killing of the victim.

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